Organizing the Pile: Tray Dividers

Welcome to Part Dos of Organizing the Pile!   In this series, I will share with you  organizational strategies  and tools that actually work – even for the Chronically Disorganized (read:me).

I wont lie,  the idea of having vertical storage in the kitchen for baking sheets, cooling racks, cutting boards and the like is not a new idea.  In fact, when Russ built these cabinets, he built one expressly for that purpose.  Both of us just assumed that he’d build the dividers in later, when we figured out exactly how we wanted them configured.  We had other priorities at the time, like, oh, being able to use the sink…..

Well, a few months went by and what we ended up with in that cabinet was literally a pile. Here is most of what needs to be stored in that cabinet, minus a few things that were likely in the dishwasher at the time.

Yeah. That’s a tall order for any cabinet.

So, Russ ambles off to Home Depot to get all the stuff to build the dividers and I got to thinking about two things: 1.  I’m gonna have to paint all this and 2. Once installed, cleaning this cabinet could be a bit tricky (oh, and 3. We’ve got lots of other stuff to do!).  So I got my Google on and hit up the old internets to see what else was out there.  Lo and behold, this is what I found:

Tray  Dividers!

Viola! An inexpensive and ready made solution that would involve not cutting, nailing, priming or painting?  Sign me up!  Russ was less convinced, thinking that these would not be sturdy enough.  I persisted.

Unsurprisingly, I won. Home Depot is great about returns.

We had to install the racks opposite of the way they were intended.  The racks measure 20″ deep by 12″ high  – our cabs are not 20″ deep, but they were more than 20″ high.  Flipping them was the perfect solution. The racks pop in and out of the clips if necessary for cleaning the cabinet, but they are quite sturdy and they hold all my stuff securely.  Trust me, along with suffering from Chronic Disorganization I am also Not Gentile, so when I say they are sturdy, I mean it.

We actually just tested out the ability to pop them in and out of the clips as I wanted some shelf liner underneath.  My aluminum baking sheets are marking the base of the cabinet and I thought this would help protect it (and it looks cute too!).  Russ just unclipped them, slid them up, laid down the shelf liner and then replaced the screws.

Not only does Rev-a-shelf make nifty tray dividers, they make all sorts of clever things for organizing your cabinets and pantry.  Handy!  I found price and shipping varied quite a lot from website to website, so shop around if you are in the market.  I found the best price + shipping here: (note: I am not receiving any kickbacks from these folks, I’m just a satisfied customer).

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2 Responses to Organizing the Pile: Tray Dividers

  1. Dena says:

    Yay! Another post from my favorite pile!!! Love this idea. Might have to purchase some, you never know what kind of storage we will have where ever we go!

  2. Kiki says:

    Your blog is fantastic. I’m putting in an order for cabinet dividers with my hubby today. I enjoyed getting caught up with your posts instead of working this Friday morning!

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