New Series: Organizing the Pile

One of the things I swore I’d do when we moved here (after moving 4 times in the previous 4 years) was get organized, once and for all. Mama! Stop laughing!

“Piles” is probably an appropriate descriptor of my cluttered condition. It’s true, I’m not one of those people who are genetically predisposed to great organization. I envy their neatly labeled baskets and tins, and marvel at their clever solutions.  I look at the contents of my junk drawers (yes, that’s plural) and wonder where the chronically organized put their European plug adapter, pad of Yahtzee score sheets, Saddam Hussein matchbook (not making this up), and lifetime supply of pencil lead. Sigh.

You just never know when you’ll need a match.

So, from time to time I’ll be approaching this topic from this perspective: I’m not an organization expert, nor will I ever be one.  For an idea to work for me (and thus make it here) its got to be 1. Easy and 2. Easy.  If an organization system requires too much fiddling or too many steps, well, let’s be honest:

Not gonna happen.

One of my sweet friends, Christine, authors the PT Happy Homemaker blog. She’s fantastic, one of those ladies who has a fabulous style she imparts into everything she does (and wears!).  Also, she suffers from chronic organization.

I’m jealous.

Anywho, she posted a few months ago about reorganizing her linen closet and I thought her use of over-the-door shoe bags was pretty genius.

And then I got to thinking about the possibilities.

Russ, as I mentioned before, is an avid cyclist. And, probably just like all folks who are avid anything, he’s got a lot of stuff.  Bits and bobs – small and large – that have a way of spreading themselves throughout the house. When we moved here, I surprised him one day by giving him an entire closet to house said stuff  (I KNOW. I AM WIFE OF THE YEAR. First a liquor cabinet and now a closet?).  The closet worked great for hanging his jerseys and other attire, but all the (many) other pieces were stuffed in a box on the shelf.  Not so helpful. Enter Christine’s great idea with the shoe bags:

Perfect!  Love the clear pockets so small objects are immediately visible.  Russ, who is the complete opposite of my general rolling chaos, was thrilled with the idea. I can (EASILY) put stuff away after it gets washed and don’t have to worry he’ll root around for it for an hour. He can grab what he needs quickly, no digging around required. WIN!

I can totally see this working well for a wide variety of situations- any kind of craft, like scrapbooking, sewing, or quilting. Toys. Cleaning stuff.  Baby stuff. Office supplies for your home office.  The list is endless.

One closet down. Approximately 456,000 other items to go. Progress, right?

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4 Responses to New Series: Organizing the Pile

  1. Rhonda Reeves says:

    I know you don’t know me, but I grew up in Lamesa with Russ. I am really enjoying your blog. I am not a DIY girl, so this stuff really amazes me. I have been on a big push to better organize and clean my house recently and have been using a website called The emails can be a bit overwhelming if you sign up for them, but her website has a lot of good info on focusing on certain areas and not getting overwhelmed. It has helped me quite a bit. Good luck and I can’t wait to see your next project!

    • ourpile says:

      Hi Rhonda,
      Russ has mentioned you and your husband before, so while I don’t know you, you are familiar to me! 😉
      I have done FlyLady in the past, and it does work (until you stop, ha ha) – I should get my control journal out and resume!
      Thanks for the kind words about my blog, I’m glad you are enjoying it!

  2. craftosaurus says:

    Oh, I’m a kindred spirit when it comes to (dis)organization. I’ve been half-heartedly scheming ways to prevent an avalanche of mittens and scarves from an upper closet shelf every time we reach to access a sun hat. I don’t think this particular solution will work, but thanks for reminding me to think of something that will!

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