Believe It or Not

Quite some time ago, I mentioned the breakdown I had regarding a certain pile of paint chips and choosing a paint color for the living room.

I am pleased to tell you that the crisis has passed and no professional intervention had to be staged (though there’s still time for that, I am quite certain).  We DID actually manage to both choose a color and paint the living room. AND, we like the results! Shocking!

So what did we choose?

I We The men in white coats The Committee picked Sherwin Williams Believable Buff, which is a really nice not-too-yellow/goldy  (spell-check tells me ‘goldy’ is not a word but I beg to differ) camel color with one very important characteristic: it IS NOT PEACHY PINK.  Now I like peach and pink both –  preferably in a summer top (cute!) or a fizzy drink (with umbrella please) or especially in the form of nail polish for a pedicure (which I sorely need, btw).  But I DO NOT like these colors as undertones for a beige/buff paint on my walls.

Extreme reaction there, much, Becky? I mean really, it’s just paint.  Of course, it goes without saying that paint looks different in different houses and even in different rooms within the same house – all because of the light. But there’s more to it than that.

Ahh, but I have been down this peachy pink road before.  In our last house, we painted the dining room and office both with a very popular color, Powell Buff.  Evey afternoon, those rooms (they were adjoining) glowed with a peachy pink aura that would make any 6 year old princess-obsessed girl squeal with glee.  I hated it. I thought I was painting my room a nice shade of beige.  Whoops!  I did not know thing one about undertones in paint and how light can really bring out those undertones, for better or worse.* When the undertone is wrong, the whole thing just looks off.  This was quite a revelation to me!

Something else I hadn’t ever really considered (but my ever-wise Mama pointed out) about paint color was how different it looks in your house as the seasons change.  We put this color on the walls back before the trees leafed out, and at first I thought we should have gone down a notch or two on the chip (to SW Whole Wheat or even Camelback) but now that there are loads of leaves on the trees (and this room is a bit darker), I think the color is perfect. Any darker would be too dark. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can switch the color with the seasons (I’m pretty sure I know how that idea would go over with my husband!) so it’s staying just like it is.

Yeah, yeah, yeah just get to the pictures already::

You might notice in the pictures that we have no window trim including window sills (or, more correctly, window stools).  Let’s just say that maybe, perhaps, quite possibly my dear husband we might have have been a teensy tiny bit too enthusiastic during this little demo session. Maybe.

Not that I’m suggesting anything, mind you.  I would never do that.

Believe it or not!

*If you are really interested in color theory and paint colors, I strongly recommend reading this entry at Color Me Happy (note: this blog is addictive).  I wish I had found this blog last year, it would have saved me a lot of grief. A LOT.

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1 Response to Believe It or Not

  1. Cheryl Meinders says:

    Becky, Forget the MBA, writing is your calling! Love the posts and oh ya, the pile of bricks is looking good too.

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