Floored again!

Where did the last week go? I know where the weekend went: Moguls! Gold!  Short track speed skating! Go Apolo! Biathlon! Figure Skating! OLYMPICS! Ahem. BTW, Bob Costas: please stop with the botox. Having expressions is normal.

Anywhoooo, I promised finished shots of the tile and I am a woman of my word, even if that word is really slow.  So here goes! These are a couple of ATTEMPTS show the true color of the tile ( a grayish beige), as the overall kitchen shots (I think the flash was on) show the tile with an odd brown tint it doesn’t have in person. Yes, this is really bothering me! So much so that I had to go take the above shots again so they would look more accurate.

ARGH! The color still doesn’t look like it does in person.  This tile is just not photogenic. DISASTER.  This one is better (of course the tile is not on the floor, it’s on the counter but LET’S NOT GO THERE):

ENOUGH. Perfectionism is SO MUCH fun. Just ask my husband. He’ll tell you all about it. Love you honey!

Anyway, here is a ‘whole kitchen’ shot, with the ugly brown looking tile (it’s a lot more gray in person, I swear!):

We were in the process of getting the last of the grout haze off in this picture.  There aren’t any others at this point because we jumped right into the next project: Cabinet Paint Pain. Here we go….

To make up for lost time, this morning you get not one but TWO scintillating, riveting, edge-of-your-seat posts. Post the second, coming right up!

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2 Responses to Floored again!

  1. Christine says:

    How have you lived without your kitchen for so long? I should rent mine out to you… 🙂

    • ourpile says:

      We had a microwave & a toaster oven set up in the dining room, used a LOT of paper plates & plastic utensils and ate more than our fair share of sandwiches & baked potatoes. SO HAPPY to be done with that now!

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