The Kitchen Chronicles, Part Deux (Go Saints!)

So, I know all five of you have been just dying to know what happened after we completely emptied the kitchen?

We put it back together, of course.

First, the plywood to reinforce the subfloor:

Then, the cement backerboard to provide the necessary substrate for the tile:

Then, as we chose not to run the tile under the cabinets, we got to rescue the cabinets from the porch. Also, the applainces came back in, too.  We lived like this, sans counter tops (and therefore no sink), for about 3 weeks. Yes, at one point I was using a pizza box as a countertop, what is your point?

The plan had originally been to paint the cabinets boxes once we brought them back in, before the tops or the tile went in. Well, I hate to say this , but it just didn’t happen. Work, Christmas break, and disease and pestilence got in the way of the grand plans.  Finally, after almost a month of pizza box and partial plywood counters, I caved (washing dishes in your bathtub just SUCKS, no two ways about it) and had the granite guys come back:

We, uh, had to test the strength of the counters by loading them up with junk. Yeah, that’s it. So I missed my window to paint the cabinets as Russ had a  4-day weekend over New Years and wanted to get the tile done then. Happy New Year indeed. Cabs would have to wait.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnndddd then, on one of the the coldest days in Virginia, we started the tile.

Why, you might ask, was it  significant that it was the cold?  Well there are a few ways to cut tile, but the easiest (and the one we already own) is to use a wet saw. A messy, water-spraying wet saw. Note: water. This will be important in just a second.

One generally uses these outside, like you see here:

Did I mention that it was 26 degrees outside?  Water + 26 degrees = ice. The tile was freezing to the saw, to the table, to the other tiles. It was hilarious. Not. Check out the icicle hanging from the edge of the saw:

Oh, and guess who got to do all the cutting. Me. Yay! (hey, it was either that or lay the tile, and Russ is far, far better in that capacity).

All whining aside, we soldiered on and over 2 days we got the tile laid.  I won’t lie,  it was pretty miserable. But so was not having a kitchen floor! At this point, we had been without a real floor for about 6 weeks.


A couple of days later, grout.


Oh, you want to see it all finished, huh? Patience y’all.  I hear the Saints marching in!

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8 Responses to The Kitchen Chronicles, Part Deux (Go Saints!)

  1. Russ says:

    And the tile cutting was done perfectly. Great job.

  2. Jerry Patterson says:

    Having done that professionally while in school, I can honestly say great job on the tile work guys.

  3. Dena says:

    I am impressed with your tile cutting abilities! You go fearless house renovator!

    • ourpile says:

      I was afraid of the tile saw at first (i am afraid of all the saws, particularylt the circular saw) but once I got the hang of the wet saw I actually enjoyed the heck out of it!

      I am weird. Stay warm up there in your 6 feet of snow!

  4. Diane says:

    These pictures are terrific. Loads of hard work into your new home already. What is shown on this site is absolutely fantastic!!!
    I can’t wait to see more! Keep up the good work!!!

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