Lookit! My Bee-you-ti-ful Kitchen!

WHAT?! You don’t like it?

Hmm. What’s that?  I hear some of you saying it’s missing a few things, like oh, say, a sink? Appliances? Counter tops?

(Don’t worry, they’re on the back porch. No, really. Our neighbors love us!)

The rest of you seem to be saying, WHY, oh WHY would you voluntarily do this to your kitchen?

The Particular Problem of Particles has brought us to this ugly place.  Of course, the particle board in the house ran slam through the 3 doorways into the kitchen. And, oh, just so there is no confusion: just like hardwood, you can’t lay ceramic tile on top of particle board! Let that be a lesson to you, future home improvers.  You see a house with particle board, you just keep on moving. Nothing to see here, folks!

Unsurprisingly, the PB ran under the cabinets. Of course it did!  Now we could have gotten a fancy (read: expensive) toe-kick saw and cut back the PB to the bottom edge of the cabinets.  If we did that, however, once we added the plywood underlayment PLUS the cement backer-board necessary for the tile and THEN the tile, well…bye-bye toe kick and hello raising the floor height in front of the dishwasher (a bad idea if you ever need to remove the dishwasher for repair or replacement).  The only way to fix this was to get to the entire floor.

Which we did, as you can tell.

Getting there was a bit interesting.  The previous owners of OPB kindly installed granite counter tops (not that you would even notice given the sheer hideousness of the kitchen).  We (obviously) wanted to keep the counters, but they had to come off for the cabinets to be taken out.  Since A: granite is super-heavy and B: we did not want to take a chance on snapping the weaker portion of the counter where the undermount sink was, we called in the pros for this task.

Once again, Russ and I stood in awe as they had these counters off and resting safely on an A-frame on our porch in oh, about 20 minutes flat. I barely had time to get a picture, they were moving so fast.

Granite removed, it was on to the cabinets.  For once, not having site-built cabinets was a major advantage.  We were able to simply unscrew/unnail (is that a word? It is now!) the boxes from the wall and move them out of the room. I will tell you now that I think we were both a bit worried about moving the cabinets-new cabs were NOT in the budget. Fortunately it went well.

Then we Russ had to go after the last of the particle board.

I’m not sure if it was the fact that we were just SO OVER the whole prying up floor at this point or the two TWO layers of vinyl flooring firmly affixed to the PB, but WHOA.  I had pried up plenty of floor by this point, but I could not get the stuff to budge and I know Russ was really having to strain to get it up. Miserable.

But, we got it done (in about 6 hours- not bad!!) and the picture at the top was the result. And then we took a nap.

Will we be able to put Humpty-Dumpty back together again? Stay tuned…

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3 Responses to Lookit! My Bee-you-ti-ful Kitchen!

  1. Lisa says:

    I can’t wait to see the finished product! I’m so impressed with all the work you both are putting into the house.

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