Inciting a Riot

So, here’s how the conversations have been going here at OPB HQ lately:

Russ: You haven’t blogged.

Me: I can’t find a way to make ceiling paint funny or exciting.  Demo was easy compared to this.

Russ: Try. The blog looks abandoned. It’s really quite pitiful.

Me: So, if someone nods off while reading the blog, falls over and hits their head and sustains a brain injury, can we be sued?

Russ: ……<runs screaming from the room>

Soooooooooooooooooooooo, folks we are going to tackle a really controversial subject in today’s post: ceiling paint. Surprisingly, people seem to have fairly strong opinions about this.  The two camps are these: 1.White ceilings are the best thing since sliced bread – they make rooms look lighter, brighter, taller and bigger! vs. 2. White ceilings are the devil incarnate – they don’t show off molding to it’s full advantage, are too safe a choice, and don’t contribute any extra interest to the design aesthetic.

I can totally see both points of view.  I thing the most important thing is to PAINT the CEILING SOMETHING.

/on soapbox /  I am always amazed when people paint a room and don’t paint the ceiling.  Look, folks, I know that painting ceilings is a lot of work. I get it. But you’re doing your house a great disservice if you don’t freshen up the top space. An unpainted ceiling looks tired and takes away from the rest of the room. /off soapbox/

The Pile of Bricks was freshly painted when it came to us. Great! Fabulous!  Except that they painted everything Glidden’s Shell White (which is not white, nor does it looks like any shells I’ve ever seen).  When I say everything, I mean walls and ceilings both.  Combined with the beige carpet, this left most of the rooms looking like little beige boxes.  Sad, square, homely little boxes.

Now, I have in the past advertised myself as the chief paint chip picker.  Unfortunately, I seem to have lost my paint-chip-picking mojo and I have been unable to commit to a wall color for ANY room in this house. Despite looking at hundreds of paint chips.

Hundreds. They are everywhere, mocking me endlessly with their cheery colors and fancy names.

Yes, I am still married, why do you ask?

I think part of the problem is that while shell white is not my favorite color, it is perfectly neutral. In our last house, the  walls were pastel pink or baby blue, so we HAD to paint because it felt like we were living in a basket of 40 year -old Easter eggs (that is an unpleasant feeling, BTW).

Here, well, shell white is workable. Until I get my act together or my husband leaves me for an interior decorator.

One decision I was able to make (and really quickly) was painting the ceilings. We wanted to get them done before the wood floors went in, just to minimize the mess.  So which side of the fence did I jump off on?

Ice, Ice Baby!

I must confess, I love the clean, crisp freshness of bright white ceilings (Sherwin Williams Extra White for those curious).

Another confession, one that will ruin our reputation forever:

Meet Gary, proprietor of Top Note painting, former neighbor and dear friend.

He painted the ceilings.

Ah, the guilt.  When will the DIY police come for us? I feel so dirty.

But our ceilings are beautiful!

Gary did an amazing job, BTW – if anyone local needs a painter, I recommend him with complete confidence. I’ll be happy to provide his contact info, just ask.

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One Response to Inciting a Riot

  1. Kiki says:

    Oh my gosh, I have a new project task to add to my list. 1. Paint the ceilings. I didn’t even know anyone NOTICED these things! I will be sure to compliment your white ceilings next time I visit. 🙂

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