Demo Day 2: The One Where it Gets Ugly

So, it’s early Friday morning and I am just now writing about stuff that happened on Sunday.  It seems as though I am behind.  However, I have found the cure for insomnia! All insomniacs report to me and I will cure you within 8 hours! No lie.

In the matter of Blogging Vs. Sleep, I am afraid that Sleep won.  I literally have not been able to keep my eyes open long enough to type anything more than the words ‘please send help’.  At one point I actually dozed off leaning against a doorjamb while holding a sledge hammer.  Don’t worry, I was sitting down at the time!

Hey, Becky, quit yer whining and show us the house, ok?

What, you didn’t come hear to listen to me moan about how tired I am? Fine, let’s talk about the house!


So, I got to the house after Russ on Sunday morning (shocking!) and when I walked I saw right away that he had started removing the entryway floor.

Old Entryway

It was then that it hit me like a ton of bricks like a marble floor set in 4 inches of concrete.

We’re committed now. The only way out is through. Crap.

So after helping Russ with some other tasks, after lunch I picked up the sledge hammer and started pounding away at that darn floor.

(for those wondering why we did took this floor out: 1. It was laid at a strange angle that would make an odd line with the new wood floor 2. It clashed horribly with any tile we wanted to put in the kitchen, which it opens to and 3. Frankly, it is a bit dated.  The original idea was just to cut it back away from the kitchen door, but it cracked in the process and so it just all HAD TO GO.

It took me all afternoon to get this far:

IMG_2219Meanwhile, Russ was starting to lay the new plywood to reinforce the subfloor.  Time was of the essence here because we had to have enough area covered for the wood delivery on Monday.  He got about 60% of the dining room and sitting room covered.  This new underlayment is secured with liquid nails, nails and deck screws. It isn’t going anywhere.

So we left the house Sunday and we were overtired and kind of overwrought and definitely overwhelmed.  The theme: OVER. Came home, showered, ate something and collapsed.  Monday morning, while we were getting ready for work, Russ drops a major bomb on me:

I don’t think we’re doing the underlayment correctly.  I think we have to take it out.


So then I start freaking out and spent Monday in a near-apoplectic state at work thinking OHMYGOD we are going to have to cut the SUBFLOOR out of the house because, hello liquid nails and deck screws and OH $#^$(%.

So Bill the hardwood floor installer met us at the house Monday after work so he could calm us down look at what we’d done. We were both in a FINE state when he got there, let me tell you.

He said it looked great and we were doing it exactly right and hey, Russ I’ll bring by my nail gun so you don’t have to rent one.

I think you must have heard our collective sigh of relief all the way in Texas. Plus, we got to see this:


Our Pile of wood floor

It helps to see what you are working so hard for.

We went home and SLEPT like dead people.

And then Tuesday I went back to hammering on that entry tile. Joy.

Next up: Wild Wednesday, and a guest Blogger! Woot.

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