Demo Day 1, or How to Destroy Your House

I don’t care how many times we do this, I’m not sure I’ll ever really be okay with spending a truckload of money for something and then immediately destroying it.

Not that I let that stop me, you understand. But it still feels wrong.

Projecto Numero Uno in the house is the installation of hardwood floors.  Simple! Easy! A no-brainer!  Just rip up the old carpet and slap them down.  How hard can that be?

You know, it’s not the questions you don’t ask that get you in trouble, it’s the questions that you don’t even know you’re supposed to ask that come back to bite you.  So, juuuuust in case any of you 5 nice folks reading this ever decide to put hardwood floors in a house that does not have them,


There. I feel better now.


The Particle Board in its unmarred glory!

Oh, you knew you couldn’t lay hardwoods on top of particle board? Huh. Well, we didn’t. Never even crossed our minds. But, as we found out a few short days before closing it was indeed there and in fact it needed to come out AND be replaced by 1/2 inch plywood.  Right.

So, Saturday morning, my rock-star husband got his butt to the house at 4:45 AM (he is an early riser, don’t worry) and began ripping out about 1350 square feet of particle board that had been nailed on top of the subfloor.

I am spartacus!

My new BFF, at least for Saturday.

Everyone, meet Spartacus. Spartacus, meet everyone. If anyone out there every has to pry up something, Spartacus is your best friend. Not only does he have your back, he will in fact save it.  Or at least buy you enough time to get to the chiropractor.  Also, it is fun to hold it above your head and yell “I am Spartacus” (not that I did that or anything).

(Note, I did not name the floor prying tool.  The name was very clearly on the manufacturer’s label)

Anyway, so we worked steadily all day Saturday and by about 7pm we had all of the particle board out of the house except for a few closets.  We discovered that it was almost impossible to get entire sheets of it up whole, and the best way to get it out is actually to set the circular saw to the depth of the board and cut the room into a grid, then pry up each piece.  Anyway you slice it (hahaha I kill myself), it is hard work.


The corners are the worst

Once it was off the floor, it went into the dumpster, which at the beginning of the morning was empty and by nightfall was full. So, Rule #1: always rent a bigger dumpster than you think you will need.  We never needed to get a dumpster before, so we thought 12 yards would be enough. Should have gotten the 17 yard dumpster instead, cause we’re not done with demo yet.


Blissfully free of particle board

Did I mention that particle board is freaking heavy? Ouch.

And then we came home and fell over dead.  Saturday went well and we were really happy (and a little amazed that we basically got the whole stinking house cleared, just the two of us)

Stayed tuned tomorrow for Demo Day 2: aka Holy Crap What Have We Done?!

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