Kitchen, Round II – Attack of the Killer Cabinets

Based on feedback we received here at OurPile HQ, it seems as though we may have created a touch of confusion.  Please note that we have not yet closed on on new house (just 24 hours and change to go! Whoo!) so this is a retrospective look back at what we did in our OLD house. In my wildest dreams we could fast-forward through the next month and end up with something resembling the last photo I will show you, but no. First there must be PAIN!  OH wait, I meant PAINT.

Or PAIN.  Because that’s what painting these cabinets was.

In the Prime of its Life!

In the Prime of its Life!

These suckers took 3 coats of Killz and another 2 of paint.  I took the doors off and did them in the doorway of our  garage with the door up.  It must have taken me at least a month and I swear the neighbors probably thought I was painting cabinet doors for the whole dang neighborhood out there in my driveway because y’all I was ALWAYS OUT THERE PAINTING.

(Just as a little side note here, I’d like to point out that at the time I said I’d never do that again.  You know you should never say that, right?  ‘Cause it is a sure-fire way to get a direct line to doing that VERY TASK AGAIN.  Stay tuned for my riveting, moment by moment account!  I know, you’re riiiiiiight on the edge of your chair!)

Anyhoo, while I was awash in pain paint, Russ did some inconsequential things like leveling the floor, laying a new tile floor and grouting it, repairing a broken pocket door, dropping a dishwasher on his foot, replacing drywall, casing in a new doorway, repairing the ceiling where the old wall/cabinets were, hanging a faux beam, and painting the room 2 different colors. And then he had the AUDACITY to ask why it was taking me so freaking long to just paint some cabinets, shouldn’t you be done already?

I think it’s pretty obvious who got the raw end of the deal here.  Those cabinets were a CHORE.365893627303

It took us longer than we thought, cost more than we thought, and was a lot more work than we thought.

But the end? IMG_0065

I loved it more than I could have ever thought.  And I can’t wait to do it again.

Also: Just look at those beautiful white cabinets.  That’s a damn fine paint job, is it not?

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One Response to Kitchen, Round II – Attack of the Killer Cabinets

  1. Christina Callahan says:

    What, no mention of the drama with the countertops? It looked fab at the end, along with the rest of the house (including the beautifully painted bathroom cabinets). Woman, you were always painting!

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